15% of 215


I think we have all done our share of bad things in our lives. Sometimes it is just bad choices, bad habits, bad relationships, bad parenting, or bad luck. At other times it is bad decisions, bad habits, or bad decisions.

The trouble with bad decisions is that we tend to stick with them. We don’t just give them up. In fact, we don’t usually even realize that we’ve made a bad decision. When we do realize it, we tend to stick with it for a while, often forgetting what we’ve done and how it made us feel. And when we do realize it, we tend to think we made the wrong decision.

But a new study published in Personality and Individual Differences, finds that people are more likely to stick with bad decisions if they believe their reasons for choosing them are still valid. The authors found that when people are more certain that their bad decisions were the right ones, they are more likely to stick with them.

What we are describing is referred to as a “self-serving bias”. A self-serving bias is when we look back at our life and evaluate it based on our own experiences rather than the experiences of others. People who are prone to a self-serving bias tend to see themselves as good people, even if they are taking actions that are bad for them.

For instance, a person who is certain that they made the right decision in a given situation, even though others might see them as wrong, is more likely to be optimistic about their future. In fact, the author found that those who view their life as more uncertain tend to be more likely to follow their own advice, even if it is wrong.

Well, I think that’s why we’ve been making a lot of these arguments, because you see, if you think you’re a good person, you’re going to want to do the right thing. You’ve probably even seen people do the right thing all of the time. You just haven’t had a chance to see it happen to you.

The problem is not the people who think that they’re good or right, but the people who think theyhave the right attitude. You may think it’s the wrong attitude, but if you don’t think it’s right, you just have to play the other player.

It’s not that hard for a person to be a “good person.” If you’re acting or saying or thinking the right things, that’s your attitude. It’s pretty easy to make that a bit better by the right way. But if you dont believe in yourself, you can’t make it better.

15% of 215 is a pretty good number. It means that if you want to be a bit better you have to make a bit of a choice. You cant be a good person if you are not willing to be a bit better.


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