bill maher marijuana


There are many ways that people have tried legalizing marijuana for recreational use. The most common and most successful way that has been suggested is a so-called “medical marijuana” program. With this approach the government would be required to supply a certain number of medical marijuana dispensaries to every state that grants them the right to grow it.

This strategy has two big problems. The first is that the federal government would have the ability to shut down state-approved dispensaries. This would be a huge blow to states that have already legalized marijuana.

And of course, the second major problem is that it would make marijuana illegal in all 50 states, which means that there would be no end to the prohibition of this plant. Unless, of course, you want to get in on the pot-smoke business, which is another major point of contention with this approach.

The other big problem is that you could get arrested for possession of a controlled substance, and then use the drugs to try to get you arrested.

There are a couple of possible solutions here. One is for states to pass laws that make marijuana an illegal drug. That would make it harder for people to buy the drug and, thus, harder for all 50 states to pass laws that make it illegal. Another is for states to pass laws that make marijuana a Schedule V drug. That would give the federal government the authority to seize marijuana from people’s houses if they found it.


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