Everything You Need To Know About Michigan Grower License.

michigan grower license

You may have heard of the term ‘license’ when considering state law enforcement. But what exactly is a license? And how do they come in handy for those just getting started in the world of cannabis cultivation? If you’re thinking about growing your cannabis at home or living near a dispensary that sells it. There are licenses to get before you can begin harvesting, processing, and selling your product. The Michigan Grower License is one such license that has been created with all cultivation levels in mind. It’s designed to allow homeowners and small-scale cultivators to produce their own medicine without requiring a large investment of time or money.

More and more Michigan residents are turning to cannabis methods of treatment and therapy. But only a small portion will ever have the opportunity to grow their own. If you’re one of those people who has a strong desire or medicinal need for cannabis. There are ways to turn your dream into a reality.

What is the Michigan Grower License?

Local lawmakers created the Michigan Grower License to give people an easy way to produce medicine. This license is designed specifically with small-scale growers in mind, which means that if you want to sell your products legally. You’ll still need to apply for and win one of the available state licenses. Getting a license is a bit of a process, but once you have one. It’s yours to keep and use as long as you live in Michigan.

This license is designed for people who want to grow their cannabis plants inside their own homes, either in soil or hydroponically. It’s also geared toward those who want to grow a few plants for personal use only. With no more than 200 square feet of plant canopy. This type of cultivation can be done by anyone with the space and know-how to work with cannabis from seed to harvest.

What Qualifies You to Get a License?

To get licensed under the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). You must first pass a background check through fingerprints and an FBI criminal record check performed by an agency such as the Michigan State Police. You must also be at least 21 years of age and be able to prove that you live in Michigan. If you’re under 21, you must obtain a permission letter from both parents verifying your ability to grow cannabis for medicinal purposes. This will require cooperation from all parties involved, but it’s not too difficult for everyone involved.

Once you pass all these requirements, it’s time to find a place to cultivate your plants safely. The facility used by most Michigan growers is an indoor garden equipped with lights and heating systems that work in tandem with hydroponics and soil gardening setups.

How Much Will it Cost?

When you think you have everything in order, the next step is submitting your license application. The application fee for the Michigan Grower License is $100 and includes one year of processing time for your paperwork. The only other fee you’ll need to pay as part of your application process is $100. It is non-refundable and protects LARA from any potential lawsuits that may arise from your grow site. This $100 is used to cover the cost of your criminal record and fingerprint check. Any other background information required to process your application.

Once you have your license, there’s only one other thing you’ll need before you can start selling or growing your cannabis products. A state tax stamp. This will officially place you in Michigan’s cannabis.

industry and allow you to sell your products at dispensaries throughout the state. A tax stamp costs $638 for a small facility such as the one created under the Michigan Grower License. But it comes with a one-year expiration date.


As you can see, getting a Michigan Grower License is a straightforward process that only requires an application fee and the submission of necessary paperwork. For those with a strong desire to grow cannabis as part of their medication regimen. This is an easy way to create a professional and safe environment for cultivation. For others who want to grow a few plants at home, this license can be purchased after passing LARA’s background check, which takes place over the phone or at your local police station. The Michigan Grower License is one of many steps necessary for those who want to participate in the medical marijuana industry in any capacity.


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