fez vape


If you’re in the market for a new vape pen, you may have already heard about the fez. The fez is a small, disposable, portable vaporizer that’s perfect for discreet, personal use and comes in lots of different shapes and sizes.

In a true-to-form Kickstarter, this company is making a lot of promises, so we here at Lifehacker are glad to help out. We tried to get a fez for ourselves, but it seems to be sold out. But at the very least, we have some recommendations on how to find the best one.

You can find a fez on Amazon. Look for the red model and any other similar ones that don’t look like they’re going to break your wallet. The biggest problem is that you can’t get the same flavor of e-liquid as the company’s other products. If you can’t find a fez, the company’s website has a ton of other great products. For starters, you can try out the new e-cig called the E-Glow.


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