how many hits in a vape cartridge


I’m about to tell you that I don’t have any more.

When you vape you are basically creating a small, vaporized version of the THC you use to get high. That’s because you’re basically using the THC you’ve got in your system to create a vapor. The THC you make in your system is usually the same as the one you’ve got in your lungs, but some people vape a different ratio than others.

My first time using vape is an old one. I found it to be very addictive with lots of flavors and low ratings. I don’t know if this is true or not. I have a lot of experience with vapes. I can vape in my vape or not vape, and it’s really a great way to test if something’s not working right.

I just read a comment about a friend who had one of their vape cartridges burst. I have a vape on the way, so I know how that would feel. I have no idea what happened to it because the cartridge was all but gone.

The vape cartridge used in this case was a “busted” one. That’s what happens when there’s something wrong with the cartridge. In this case, there was something bad with the cartridge, which was a bad firing pin. A bad firing pin can sometimes cause vape cartridges to explode. You can read more about this here.

No offense to the video game community, but this one is pretty good.

It’s not the first time that a vape has exploded, which is a pretty awesome thing. In fact, the first time that a vape cartridge has exploded is the only time there have ever been two explosions in a vape cartridge. So there you go. A good day out.

It’s not the first time that a vape has exploded, but that’s pretty awesome. This video was created by the folks at the Vapor Lounge, who have been making videos about vape explosions since 2014. This one is pretty good too.

The first explosion in the vape cart is a bit strange. The vape itself does not explode, it just explodes all over the place. The vapor is the culprit, but the vape is doing most of the work.

This is a bit of a rarity amongst the Vape Explosion videos. I find them a bit too fast, with an abrupt end. The explosion is made with the mouthpiece of a vape, so there’s no smoke, there’s no way to tell if the explosion is the result of the vapor or the vape.


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