how much weed is a felony in ohio


I would like to tell you that Ohio is a paradise for marijuana smokers, but I know that’s not true. I’ve visited Ohio in the past and was shocked at how much it stinks. I imagine it’s much the same way when you walk into a liquor store, and you can see all the booze and cigarettes and liquor bottles that are lined up on every counter.

I’m not sure how much you know about Ohio, but it is a state where it is illegal to buy and sell marijuana. That being said, it is legal for medical purposes.

According to the Ohio Supreme Court, there are 848,400 registered marijuana possession offenders in Ohio. They also state that there are 8,624 registered drug offenders in Ohio. So that gives us an average of about 2.9 drug offenders per 1 million residents. This is a far cry from the 2.44 per 1 million residents of states like Colorado and Washington that have legalized marijuana for medical purposes. The legal limit in Ohio for how much you can possess is 0.

The Ohio Supreme Court’s decision actually points out that it’s not necessarily a felony to possess marijuana, so you can be just as guilty of possessing it as being a heroin dealer. The court says that while possessing marijuana is a criminal offense, possessing heroin is not. So it’s not a violation of your civil rights when you get popped for possessing it. This is one of those instances where the state is taking action that’s not exactly the federal government’s.

Its nice to know that at least the constitution is being enforced here.

I’m not saying you should get your weed, but if you’re arrested for marijuana, you should be.

Another reason why we should think about the drug abuse problem before we go on to your other projects is that we don’t really want to be a criminal organization that thinks it’s up to us to find the best way to do things. It’s not about us taking care of the law, it’s about us being the ones who are the ones who have to be the ones to have it.

So, here’s my point. The government is making it much harder for people to get pot. There’s a federal law now prohibiting it. You can’t buy it legally at one of the few places that still have it. A growing number of people have been arrested for possessing even small amounts of weed. The reason is that the government has put in a system that lets them easily screen the customers at those stores.

Its the same reason that the police are making it harder for people to get alcohol: it’s not the people who are drinking it who are the ones who are the ones who are doing it. The reason is that the government has put in a system that allows them to screen the customers.

Its a sad state of affairs when the government makes it harder for you legally to possess a substance that is illegal. The government has done a great job of trying to catch the people who have gotten too greedy by providing a system to screen out people who are too stupid to know what they are doing.


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