How To Turn Your Crypto Web3 Promotion From Blah Into Fantastic


It’s possible that you may be reading this article simply because you are not sure what the fuss is about web3 and crypto link promotion. You’ve been hearing about it for a while but never quite figured out the lay of the land before diving in. You may be sitting on the sidelines, waiting for someone else to take a risk first, so that you can reap its rewards if it succeeds. It could also be possible that you are just plain fed up with your current day job and are actively looking for another way of making money while getting off your butt as little as possible.

1. Get Out of Bitcoin

The first thing that you need to realize is that in the past year, the value of cryptos has increased exponentially. Yes, we are talking about the same industry that has been in the news more than ever thanks to the high frequency of hacks and scams. It is true that a lot of people have lost money on crypto because they were not willing to put in the work – but if you are reading this article, it means there is a chance for you to be different. You can take back control from your day job and start being your own master instead!

2. Narrow Your Focus

To be successful with your crypto promotion, you need to make the time to study it. The good news is that there is plenty of on-line training for you to get up to speed. The bad news is that not all of it is useful and there are so many to choose from. However, for the purpose of this article, we will split into two categories – those with web3 experience and those without.

a. If you have been involved with web3 from the beginning, then take a look at everything that has been done by the 99% – good and bad alike – before jumping in so that you can see what worked and what did not.

If you have not been involved with web3 then you need to start with a simple overview of what all the different tokens are, where they come from and what they offer. You will also want to learn about the most common mining techniques like scrypt, sha-256 and x11.

b. If you are planning on using web3 as a promotion vehicle, then first, make sure that your website is ready for traffic – making sure that you have created a Google AdWords campaign (if not already) – and that it has a solid web 3 wallet integration so that your customers can effortlessly purchase everything they need while you continue to drive traffic to your guest posting sites.

3. Build Your Web3 Token

It is possible that you may have heard of a concept called the Ethereum Name Service but what it really is, is an address based on a user friendly name like which holds all your ethers which you can later use to buy STEEM and other services. Then, once the web3 token shop market is established, you will be able to create new tokens for your site without needing to code anything yourself or worry about making mistakes in your naming or description somewhere else.

4. Web3 is an Opportunity to First and Foremost – Educate

The beauty of blockchain education is that it allows you to teach while you learn. The more time that people have to think about what they have learned, the more likely they will be to return for more. Along with creating a powerful web 3 integrated site, it is also worth your time to seriously consider working on creating free Youtube videos or other content that you can share with anyone interested in learning about blockchain technology.

5. Only Accept Crypto Payments

In this day and age, it is just plain lazy not to accept crypto payments on your site. There are no fees and you get paid immediately even if someone makes a small donation of 0.01 ETH or buys an ebook for .01 ETH. The beauty is that you can receive all of this money in the same wallet that you are using to run your promotion by seo backlinks.

6. Start Earning Your Own Money

While you may not want to start accepting crypto payments in advance of building your site, it is very important to start getting a small income with crypto as soon as possible. While some people may be worried about getting scammed, the good news is that many scams are both unsurprising and avoidable if you know what you are doing. So, get started today!

7. Use the Crypto Promo Code

Let’s take everything that we have learned so far and put it all together. First, you need to start off with an overview of blockchain technology which you can use to create free Youtube videos or a free to read ebook. Then, once you have people on your site who are interested in learning more, take this time to create a powerful web3 integrated site where they can go if they have any questions.

Then, all that is left is to let everyone know that you now accept only crypto payments!


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