if you feed a stray cat is it legally yours


My cat is my responsibility. I have to feed her. She needs me to be there.

The cat situation is a tricky one. There are so many different laws and regulations regarding pet ownership that it’s a very complicated issue to figure out for someone as new to the area. To start with, cats are considered “invasive pets” that require a person to be around for a cat to be a legal pet.

So that means that if you’re not getting food and water from someone, the law is probably on your side. That doesn’t mean you have to get a cat, but you can still do things like keep the cat on a leash or feed it if you know it needs the food. There is also the issue of owning a cat that you want.

The law isn’t perfect and some people have been sued by their neighbors for keeping the dog on a leash in their back yard, but the fact is that cats are a protected species in the state of Oregon. Unfortunately, many people dont know that.

A few years ago a neighbor brought a cat into the house and refused to give it food or water until the owner made an agreement that allowed the cat to live with the family and not be put down. The owner was accused of trespassing and was fined. In the end the cat was put down and the owner was not charged with trespassing or any other crime.

Because cats are protected, it’s illegal to take a cat into your home and keep it as a pet in the state of Oregon. If you dont want a cat in your home, you have to buy a cat and keep it as a pet in the state of Oregon.

I don’t think a stray cat is legally yours, but it is illegal. If you go into a pet store and buy one of the cats, you can take that cat into your house and keep it as a pet.

I think the biggest hurdle is getting a judge to see the cat as legal property. What you have to do is not only buy the cat, but get a cat to help keep that cat legally. As long as the cat is not actually living with you, you should be fine with keeping the cat as a pet.

The main thing you should be doing right now is getting your cat to feed a stray cat. That means you’ll do it by yourself, or you can go to a pet store and buy a cat. This means you’ll get the cat to feed a stray cat. The cat should be in your yard for a year or 10 years (or more).


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