kratom dosage reddit


That’s the thing. This is a really big problem that has impacted so many people that I don’t know how many people have it. While it’s not illegal at all, I think it’s something that people have gotten very comfortable with and don’t care about. Because it’s not an addictive substance, we tend to think it’s just like a cigarette.

I got this from a friend who was trying to get some of his friends into the group. He was there with his girlfriend, and she said she was tired of it so she had to get help. Luckily he was there and asked her what she wanted to do. She replied, “Come on in and help me.

When you’re getting some people to start using kratom, you’re making a lot of friends. It can get really intense and dangerous, especially if you’re not careful. While it is illegal where you’re getting these friends to use it, there are a lot of people that get it from friends and family. People who are on it for a hobby, are friends with people who don’t know it’s legal, etc.

While kratom is certainly not addictive, some people have been addicted to it, and it can be. Most commonly someone taking it to alleviate withdrawal symptoms from withdrawal from other drugs. It can also get addictive if you take too much. In this case, it is extremely dangerous, as it can cause a whole host of nasty side effects.


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