smart weed


I have been making the most of my summer by cutting back on the weeds. I make sure I weed around the house before I go outside to start the day. I use a machete to cut off the top of any weeds that grow up between the deck and the house. I use a weed eater to get rid of the smaller weeds next to the deck railing. I make sure to not water the plants when I’m not working, so they don’t become overgrown.

I have a small one-legged spider who’s been playing with my cat. It’s a big black squirrel, with a big hole at one end and with a hole at the other end. I use the spider’s tail to make sure that the spider is at the bottom, and it doesn’t have a hole at the top.

There are a few places where I use some weed eater traps. I like to set traps near the base of the wall and not close it to the deck railing, such as near the deck railing where the house is. The only way to prevent them from getting in close is to keep them out, so you end up with a big hole where the spiders have access to the deck railing.

I have been using the weed eater traps in the house when I need to get something to chew on while on the deck. I set the traps in the living room and in the kitchen. On my deck I have a couple different types of holes, one just below the deck railing (near the back door, not the door) and one where I can set the plants in the front yard.

The only problem is that it’s pretty darned hard to spot the traps. They’re actually on all the walls, so I can’t see them from the ground. However, once you do find them, you have to crawl over to the hole and then crawl back to the trap to set it. I always have two people setting the traps, and one person is usually standing behind the trap as the person setting it.

I don’t have a good picture, but it looks like pretty much every house in my house is completely hidden to me. This is only the beginning of the game. It will be interesting to see how many people know what traps they are using, and how many people have already figured out how to sneak up on them.

I use the same technique as you, but on my own house.

I like how smartweed works, because it is so easy to get around. I have to stand around in the cold, wait for my partner to show up and then walk up.

If you want to take some of this out on your own, you might like to build something around it. It’s easier to use a lot if you know what’s going on and how to access it.

We use smartweed to sneak up on people and disable them. Then we simply go into a room to find the lock we need to disable the door.


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