smoke weed everyday meme


I really had to think about this one. I thought it was a joke at first. You know how when you see a meme like this it has to be a joke. I thought I was getting a joke. But if you actually read the actual words, the meme is serious and it really does matter.

I’ve always thought of weed (or any drug, really) as a social tool, which means that it can be used to get people to act in certain ways, and we’ve seen a number of memes that use it to encourage people to do this. Smoke weed at all sorts of parties. Have a party every day. Don’t say no to drinks. Act like you’re going to a party every day.

Smoke weed every day, or for those who dont smoke weed on a daily basis, or use it to get people to act in certain ways. For example, let’s say youve got a friend that likes to party and smoke weed everyday. You both know youre supposed to be friends and you both want to be at that party.

The great thing about this meme, is that it works for everyone. It doesn’t matter who you are or what youre doing. By using the meme, you can make anyone feel like they’re doing something worthwhile, because theyre not.

A meme is a humorous, sometimes sarcastic, sometimes serious, often sarcastic way of sharing something with the world.

Everyone uses them. Most of the memes are in the form of a quote, which is a series of words. The original quote is often a person, such as a character, famous person, or a phrase. The meme is sometimes a joke, sometimes a reference, but usually a series of words expressing a thought or a feeling.

Everyone uses memes. Some people use them as a way to share their favorite TV shows, favorite movies, or favorite songs.

It’s not as though anyone who posts “I smoked weed today” isn’t making it up. It’s just that sometimes the meaning is lost on the casual reader. Everyone has their own sense of humor, and that’s okay. But if someone says “I smoked weed today,” it’s different. If a person says, “I smoke weed every day,” then they’re not making it up.

The thing is, we do make it up. What we say is our own little secret. Everyone else has their own way of putting words to things, and we should respect that. If we don’t, then we’re just reinforcing the idea that we think we’re cool or normal. We should never get so caught up in the “we’re just saying that” that we forget that we’re saying something important.


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