weed birthday meme


Happy birthday to the most weed inspired meme of all time. I know a few of you are already planning your first bae. That’s good because you can now share it with other weed loving folks as well.

The meme stems from a blog post I wrote about how I find it hard to get excited about marijuana, so I figured I would write a blog post about how weed is actually a really great drug. A lot of people are afraid to get weed because they feel like its “too weird” or “too hard” to do. That is completely untrue. Weed is a very versatile drug that can be used to relax, energize, and bring out the best in your body.

weed is not the world’s most hardcore drug. It’s not a drug that makes you do crazy things, although it can be a very relaxing drug to take when you’re feeling down. The reality is that weed is a very relaxing drug. With that in mind, I have written about how it can be a great medicine for those with anxiety, stress, depression, and so many other things. You can find out more about the benefits of weed here.

Weed is not just for those with anxiety, stress, depression, or other issues. It can actually be used to boost your energy too. You can take weed on a daily basis and feel super energetic. It’s a great way to build your stamina and get ready for a big game or a work event. There are even special brands that are available specifically for those who need high energy when playing games.

Weed is often used as a performance enhancer as well, and that’s why it’s so popular. In the movie Green Book, Woody Allen says, “I do not smoke, but I do drink a great deal of marijuana.” He was using the term weed in the same way that you and I might use it for energy and stamina. Just as you can apply weed to a variety of activities and situations, so can you apply it to your life.

Well, okay then. So if Woody Allen is right, then weed can be a pretty potent performance enhancer. I think that this may be why weed is so popular. It’s so easy to use, so easy to find, and it’s always available. You can’t really go wrong.

I don’t smoke. I don’t drink. But I do smoke because I can’t put my hands on myself, or something. Because you can’t put your hands on any of us. It’s just so easy.

You can’t. As much as it’s a stupid thought, it is probably a good thought to keep. The point is this: weed is a fine and nutritious medicine, and that helps the body and mind. And so it’s great! You can’t really take your skin off your body, and you know that if your skin is actually so bad that it’s going to be covered by your skin, you can’t really use it in all of your life.

That’s how I feel, too. I am a big fan of weed, but I also feel like it’s okay to smoke weed just because it’s good for my skin. It’s like a good acid trip and it’s cool. I don’t think that the average person is gonna get too high off it, but it’s really, really good for the skin.

The best time to smoke weed is in the morning for maximum effect. Then the afternoon and early evening are where its best. That’s why it’s also the best time to do the weed birthday meme because that’s when the most people will be doing it.


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