what does bup stand for on a drug test


It is one of the most important tools to use to determine what you are addicted to.

It’s part of the “Bup” list, which is a list of things that can get you in trouble with the law. It’s also a list of things that, if you’re in a position to check for it, you probably shouldn’t. For example, bup can be found in the urine of someone who is, or was, under the influence of any drug. It can also be found in the saliva of someone who has ingested a drug.

The list of things that bup stands for is based on the way in which the drug is released, but there are other things that bup stands for. For example, bup stands for “bup-buddy,” a person who has a good habit of having the drug in their blood, but also has the drug in their veins.

The drug of choice for someone who is under the influence of bup is pot, mainly due to the potency of the plant and the fact that most of us are, or have been, under the influence of pot. The drug of choice for someone who has not been under the influence of pot is alcohol, due to the fact that we arent under the influence of alcohol.

The drug of choice is the drug of choice for people who are under the influence of bup, not to mention the other two drugs listed below.

But on the other hand, bup is also used on a drug test. The reason for the name is that even though we don’t consume it on a regular basis, it does seem to be important. The reason for the name is so we wouldnt confuse it with the alcohol of choice. The other two drugs of choice are methamphetamines and cocaine.

Methamphetamines are often listed as the drug of choice for drug tests. Methamphetamines are also often used for drinking. But there is another drug which is used on a drug test called bup, which is used for consuming alcohol. However, bup is not the only substance which is used on a drug test. There are other substances which are also used on a drug test. These include marijuana and amphetamines.

Drugs are a bit of a catch-all classification to make decisions about which substances to use in a drug test. This is because many drug tests today are being done by people not trained to identify which substances are being tested for. Most drug tests will only test for a few substances and not for all of them.

This is why you have to use a drug test and not urine. Drug tests only test for a small number of substances, but they don’t test for all of them. This is an important distinction because the drug test is the only way to know if you have a drug problem. While urine tests are a more accurate test, urine tests are not always the most accurate test.


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