Write for us: What is cannabis business?

Cannabis (CBD) as a business has gotten a lot of people very rich. With the legalization of cannabis for recreational use in nine states and D.C., the industry is expected to grow from $8 billion to $23 billion by 2020.

So, what exactly is this cannabis business? Well, we’ll break it down for you: Cannabis (CBD) is one of the most versatile plants on Earth, second only to bamboo in its sheer number of uses. In addition to being food and medicine, cannabis (CBD) can also be used for building materials, clothes, biofuel and more—there are over 25,000 distinct products that mankind has found a use for in some form or another.

While this may seem like the mother of all sales pitches, the government’s interest in cannabis (CBD) stems from the fact that it has many highly desirable qualities. These include:

• Short growing cycle (4-9 weeks)—compared to corn, wheat, or rice

• Can be grown almost anywhere

• High biomass yield per acre

• Abundant product per acre—using less to produce more; low cost per product unit

The government also has a lot of interest in hemp due to its ancillary benefits. Hemp is an excellent source of nutrients such as protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

What is write for us?

Write for us is a writing platform for writers who want to get into the cannabis (CBD) business.

It’s a hub for starting a cannabis (CBD) business in the United States. Whether you want to sell products, services, or both, write for us has a place for you.

Our mission is to provide aspiring operators with all of the tools they need to succeed. Not only will writers be able to tell their story! But, as cannabis (CBD) grows increasingly popular as a mainstream business, we’ll work hard to stay on top of the industry and provide our writers with updated business information and industry-leading training center their skills.

What are the requirements for submissions?

1. Word limits: 500-1500 words.

2. We’re looking for original writing, not re-tweets of other writers’ material. If you’re trying to write an essay on cannabis (CBD), please do it with your own voice and personality, not just re-posts of other writers’ work!

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Who Are We Publishing For?

We’re publishing for everyone that wants to know what the cannabis business is all about. The main goal is to give our writers the opportunity to get their story out there. Whether they want to write a novel, serialize a chapter, or just keep it short and sweet, we’re committed to providing a free platform for writers of all experience levels.

As cannabis (CBD) becomes legal around the country, more and more people want a piece of the action.

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